Smart and flexible financing combined with unmatched energy industry expertise

We provide flexible, smart capital and consultative support to assist our partners—developers, energy service companies, equipment manufacturers and utilities—in their efforts to provide clean, reliable energy to their customers.

ClearGen has an understanding of the challenges distributed energy resource developers face delivering new behind-the-meter resources in complex and dynamic markets.  We work with them to take the mystery out of financing and structuring so that they and their customers can turn concepts into action.  We bring capital to projects that deliver results and make the world a cleaner place.

Managed by industry veterans with a combined 55+ years of energy experience and backed by a long-term capital commitment from Blackstone, a leading global investment business, through its credit division, GSO Capital Partners. Together with Blackstone, ClearGen serves as a one-stop shop for clean energy capital needs.


Empowering the transition to a more sustainable energy future

ClearGen works with partners to deliver reliable, energy-efficient infrastructure to their customers

Who We Serve

Take advantage of the ClearGen difference







Generation, renewables,
energy storage and integrated decision making platforms  

Energy Efficiency

Customer contracts that provide guaranteed savings over time

Distributed Generation

Onsite energy systems that improve reliability and resiliency while lowering costs

Demand Response

Responding to utility and
wholesale energy market opportunities

Renewables & Battery Storage

Behind the meter solutions to lower carbon consumption while ensuring reliability

Green Transportation 

Electric Vehicles, Buses, Fleets and Charging Stations 


Our consultative approach is focused on reducing development risk by streamlining the structuring and financing process to facilitate project development 


Our goal is to finance best-in-class energy solutions that deliver lower carbon footprint outcomes, working towards a greener, more profitable future


We work hand-in-hand with leading designers, developers, and operators of clean and renewable energy technologies

Blackstone Advantage

We have direct access to the unmatched capital resources, expertise, and network of Blackstone

Why ClearGen?

Core Technologies

We actively seek to assist in the development of the following technologies

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Discover how ClearGen can partner with you towards a more sustainable energy future

Customer Value Proposition

Cost Savings

Lower energy and operating costs 


Reduction in carbon footprint

Crisis-Proven Reliability

Improved reliability and resiliency of critical infrastructure that minimizes impact of utility outages


Custom turnkey fully financed energy-as-a-service solutions on a monthly payment model

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